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We support you by not only monitoring for breaches but also in preparing for a breach and reacting appropriately if one occurs. By anticipating and simulating a range of scenarios, we ensure you and your digital systems are as resilient as possible.

“The XDR services Reliance Cyber deliver have reduced our exposure, and that of our local government, NHS and GP practices, significantly.”

Giles Letheren, CEO,

Delt Shared Services
A powerful wave crashes over a pier and lighthouse, displaying the force of nature's might and the vulnerability of man-made structures.

of malware is delivered by the attacker via email and 4.1 million websites have malware at any given time.

Challenge one
Three individuals discussing in a conference room, engaged in a productive meeting.

The average number of days taken to identify a breach.

Challenge two
Two individuals focused on their computers in a professional office setting.

Productivity loss due to network related issues.

Challenge three
Why It’s Important

Should the worst happen, detecting and responding to a breach quickly, is critical.

A fast and accurate response to a system or data breach detection can drastically minimise potential damage, protect sensitive data, and help maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders.

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Extended detection
and response

Our turnkey solution rapidly detects, analysis, investigates and actively responds through threat mitigation and containment.

Incident response

We develop an in-depth understanding of the risks your organisation faces allows us to develop bespoke solutions, should the worst happen.

Compromise assessments

We conduct a comprehensive assessments of your digital environment to proactively identify and address potential security breaches.

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