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Penetration testing

…and attack simulation. Preparing for every eventuality, just in case…

Why it’s important

The annual growth of penetration testing in the UK

…to ensure your operational resilience, sustained trust and financial stability.


of UK organisations experienced a cyber attack in 2022


According to recent reports in the industry…

cybersecurity is now the most sought after technology skills category in the UK.

Product features

Comprehensive assessments, simulating real-world attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your systems.

We provide detailed reports and actionable recommendations to strengthen your defences and mitigate potential security risks quickly and effectively.

How this helps

Without penetration testing, companies face heightened vulnerability exposure, increasing the risk of successful cyberattacks, potential data breaches, financial losses, and regulatory non-compliance.

Conducting regular penetration tests enables proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities, fortifying defenses, and reducing the likelihood of security incidents and their associated ramifications.

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How we are unique

It’s all about people

Cybersecurity is, ultimately, about people. How people use technology, how hackers plot to take advantage of your weaknesses and any technical gaps in your defences.

Our pen testers

Achieving complete security requires experienced experts who comprehend both technical cyber aspects and real-life human behavior, as automation alone cannot ensure total protection.

Realistic simulations

Realistic simulations are crucial as they replicate genuine cyber threats, providing accurate insights into actual vulnerabilities within an organisation’s systems and networks.

Fully qualified and accredited

You need to be sure that our Pen Testers are on your side and that they’re backed by strict accreditations. The Reliance brand is based on how they deploy their knowledge and expertise on behalf of our customers.

Intelligent and resourceful

The full range of pen testing services

Reliance Cyber conducts comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment, examining both internal and external infrastructure, reviewing code and builds, hardening services, and testing wireless networks to uncover vulnerabilities. With CREST accreditation, our Pen-Testers simulate real-world attacks to identify and address potentially damaging weaknesses within your systems.

Case Studies

Find out how we’ve helped businesses nationwide, secure their digital infrastructures.

Since 2003, we have been working with organisations across a wide range of sectors. Take a look at some of our case studies to see how we go about it.

Multinational Defence Contractor

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Construction Materials Supplier

The customer is a leading company in the provision of building materials and sustainable solutions…

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