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2023 Cybersecurity recap: Critical breaches and 2024 strategy insights

Discover key cybersecurity insights from 2023, including major breaches and attacks, in the latest article, written by Reliance Cyber’s threat intelligence team.

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Infographic: The importance of 24/7 cybersecurity

Delve into the complex world of cybersecurity with Reliance Cyber’s latest infographic. We explore five…

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Security is not a tool: the case against security tooling

Dive into the debate on cyber security tools versus processes. Discover why relying solely on technology might not be the solution and how a balanced approach can lead to more effective security strategies

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Lessons on detection and incident response from the field

Dive into the evolving world of cybersecurity, uncovering how the adoption of log analysis tools and advancements in technologies like SIEM, XDR, and SOAR are shaping the strategies for effective breach detection and incident response in the digital age.

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Security tooling: Security is not a tool. Tools don’t innovate.

Discover why relying solely on security tools isn’t enough to protect organisations from cyber threats. Learn the importance of integrating processes, skilled personnel, and a proactive approach to cyber security.

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Reliance Cyber team

Uniting for a Cause: Reliance Cyber Steps Up to take on the Peak District Ultra Challenge in Support of Macmillan.

Reliance Cyber is excited  to announce our participation in the upcoming Peak District Ultra Challenge…

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A woman posing beside a sleek racing car.

A day at the McLaren Technology Centre: Celebrating partnerships and unique experiences

Reliance Cyber’s unforgettable visit to an iconic venue We believe in nurturing strong relationships with…

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My internship experience in cybersecurity: A practical guide for graduates

A bit about me: I’m a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics student at the University…

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The problem of collaboration

The problem of collaboration – does the modern working environment requiring a new approach to…

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Navigating cyber threats on Black Friday

Navigating cyber threats on Black Friday – How to survive the eCommerce avalanche: As the…

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The great data protection gamble

The great data protection gamble – could the UK’s post-Brexit stance mean the end of…

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