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Our managed security services act as an extension of your organisation and provide a team of security professionals to monitor cyber threats, defend your critical digital assets and react to security issues in real time.

“GDPR fines up to 4% of global annual turnover! Impact to critical strategic elements of a companies plan can be further compounded by the potential for fines of non-compliance under regulatory regimes.”

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Only 29% of businesses undertook cyber security risk assessments in 2022

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of UK organisations subject to attempted ransomware attacks.

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UK businesses and organisations affected by cyber crime in 2021.

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Why It’s Important

Take away the burden of managing your security infrastructure

Give your teams the time back to focus on projects critical to your organisation. We manage digital security infrastructure for clients globally, across five continents, out of our 24/7 operation in the UK, and have thousands of critical devices under management.

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Managed Infrastructure Services

Get reassurance that your security infrastructure is being monitored and managed 24/7 and any threats or issues will be dealt with.


We design, implement, and optimise secure and resilient systems and networks against cyber threats and attacks.

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