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Looking to ensure security and confidentiality of your organisation’s vital assets? Whether you’re starting from square one or just need some extra support, we’re here to help.

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Understand threats in relation to your critical business risk

Our partnership approach aims to support your business and fill any gaps with the necessary expertise and experience from across the full cyber security domain.

We help you:

  • Improve your security posture
  • Maximise ROI on your existing security investments
  • Focus more on core business activities
  • Overcome resource deficiencies

Get quick, direct access to cyber experts round the clock

We help monitor and manage your organisation’s security infrastructure 24/7, so you can make sure all threats and issues are dealt with. No switchboards or call centres. Access the cyber security experts you work with round-the-clock.


Professional Services and Consultancy

Overcome security challenges with advice from our team of cyber security leaders. Find out how to best enhance your security posture with a risk aligned approach. Our services include: Penetration testing; Threat, intelligence and vulnerability; Information and privacy protection; Virtual CISO (vCISO); and Crisis simulation.


Managed Services and XDR

Whether you need full security infrastructure management, or some extra hands to act as an extension of your security team. Get full visibility over all actions made on our end from the Reliance Cyber portal. And always receive the pre-agreed service outcomes on time and within budget.


Incident Response

Get support with preparing for a breach and how to react if one occurs. By anticipating and simulating a range of scenarios, we ensure that you are as resilient as possible.

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Who We Are

Since 2003, we have been working with organisations across a wide range of sectors. We merge our world-leading cyber security expertise and experience to enable organisations to focus on their core business.

Today, we help manage security infrastructure for clients across five continents, out of our 24/7 operation in the UK. And we have thousands of critical devices under management. We help you defend against threats of all kinds, including at the nation-state-level, and we’re always ready for our next challenge.

Customer Stories

Staying on top of new technologies, dangers, and the overall threat landscape – even for the most diligent of internal security teams – is no mean feat.

Also, remaining compliant with industry regulations and upholding a suitable strategy, all whilst acquiring and retaining senior stakeholder buy-in is often too much for most organisations to face alone.

Find out how we’ve helped organisations overcome some of these issues and more.

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One of our experts will review your current data risk, examine current governance and security controls, map data flow and empower you to create a culture of cyber security within your organisation.

  • Improve your security posture
  • Maximise ROI on your existing security investments
  • Focus more on core business activities
  • Overcome resource deficiencies

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