The client, a major player in the building materials sector, sought enhanced cyber security solutions. Reliance Cyber conducted a thorough Cyber Security Posture Assessment, identifying critical areas for improvement. This led to the development of a comprehensive security roadmap, prioritising the protection of the client’s core infrastructure and assets.

Central to this roadmap was the implementation of advanced cyber security technologies, including Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) systems. Additionally, Reliance Cyber advised the adoption of Privileged Access Management (PAM) to bolster the organisation’s cyber defences.

Endpoint Detection & Response and Managed SOC

Reliance Cyber proposed two primary solutions:

  1. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR): This service offered extensive management and oversight of the client’s endpoint devices, ensuring immediate impact and consistent protection across their widespread network of sites and facilities.
  2. Managed SOC Service: As part of Reliance acsn’s Managed Detection & Response offering, this state-of-the-art SOC service provided constant monitoring and rapid response capabilities, safeguarding the business against cyber threats.

Privileged Access Management

The engagement began with an in-depth analysis of privileged access and identity across the organisation. This review enabled Reliance Cyber to fully understand the client’s current privileged access framework and to advise on transitioning to a robust PAM posture. The insights from this review were instrumental in formulating the deployment strategy for Reliance acsn’s PAM service.

Through the 24/7 managed PAM service, Reliance Cyber effectively managed the client’s privileged accounts, conducting comprehensive audits and rotating credentials. This ensured all privileged access was meticulously monitored and controlled, providing the client with assurance of security, regardless of the user’s location.

CISO as a Service

Concurrent with the implementation of these cyber security measures, the client engaged Reliance Cyber for CISO as a service. This strategic partnership offered dedicated oversight on cyber security matters, encompassing a virtual cyber security team. This team, backed by over 50 subject matter experts, provided a broad spectrum of knowledge, policy expertise, and business integration. The CISO ensured effective governance, management, and outcome delivery, with the flexibility to embed experts directly into the client’s operations as needed.

The Result

the collaboration between the client, a leader in the building materials industry, and Reliance Cyber, has significantly strengthened the client’s cybersecurity posture. Through a meticulous Cyber Security Posture Assessment, Reliance Cyber identified key areas for improvement and developed a targeted security roadmap. This roadmap included the implementation of cutting-edge Endpoint Detection & Response, Managed Detection and Response services, and a robust Privileged Access Management system. These measures have provided comprehensive protection for the client’s core infrastructure and assets, ensuring continuity and security across their operations.

Additionally, the engagement of Reliance Cyber’s ‘CISO as a Service’ has brought strategic oversight and a wealth of expertise to the client’s cybersecurity efforts. This service has not only enhanced the client’s defensive capabilities but also integrated seamlessly into their business processes. The partnership has successfully delivered a multi-faceted, dynamic approach to cybersecurity, setting a new standard in proactive protection and strategic security management in the construction industry.