Reliance Cyber and Google Cloud Security unite to transform cybersecurity for UK businesses

Reliance Cyber partners with Google Cloud Security to enhance cybersecurity solutions for UK businesses. This strategic alliance leverages advanced technology to simplify security, reduce costs, and provide critical data-driven insights, making sophisticated security accessible to all organisations.

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Reliance Cyber named one of the “Sunday Times Best Places to Work”

We’re thrilled to share that Reliance Cyber has made the “Sunday Times Best Places to Work” list for 2024! Find out what makes us a great place to work and consider joining our team!

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Lessons on detection and incident response from the field

Dive into the evolving world of cybersecurity, uncovering how the adoption of log analysis tools and advancements in technologies like SIEM, XDR, and SOAR are shaping the strategies for effective breach detection and incident response in the digital age.

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