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Retail Therapy Thought Leadership ebook

In retail, technology underpins every facet of the industry, from supply chain logistics to customer transactions. As a sector, retail is advanced in its use of technology, from helping mature the omni-channel experience, to protecting the crown jewels in customer personally identifiable data. However, this heavy reliance on digital platforms and eCommerce also exposes retailers to a unique set of cyber security challenges.

This eBook provides deep insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by ingestion-based security within SIEM platforms. It discusses the importance of focusing on the value of data over its volume, optimising security investments, and employing strategic threat modelling to enhance security responses.

Retail Therapy‘ is essential reading for retail businesses aiming to refine their cyber security strategies and ensure the most efficient use of security resources.

Are you a retailer currently grappling with high ingestion costs or are you uncertain about the value your current logging solution provides?

It’s time to consider a strategic review. Reliance Cyber is well-versed in tailoring security measures to fit the unique needs of the retail sector. We offer extensive expertise in threat modelling, SIEM rule development, response playbook creation, and threat hunting. Partnering with us means equipping your business with a sophisticated security monitoring and response strategy that is not only efficient but also cost-effective.