“Driving business value: Leveraging ingestion-based security for smarter investments”, provides deep insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by ingestion-based security within Security information and event management (SIEM) platforms. It discusses the importance of focusing on the value of data over its volume, optimising security investments, and employing strategic threat modelling to enhance security responses.

This piece is essential reading for businesses aiming to refine their cyber security strategies and ensure the most efficient use of security resources.

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Key takeaways:

  • Integrating technologies simply: Find out how to easily bring together different technologies with SIEM systems, especially for businesses that depend on unique applications
  • Managing SIEM rules: Understand the need for keeping SIEM rules up-to-date to meet your specific security requirements as threats change
  • Effective alert responses: Learn about the tools and processes needed to act on SIEM alerts quickly and stop threats in their tracks
  • Smart data management: Look into ways to avoid the costs of collecting too much data and focus on what really adds value to your security efforts
  • Benefits of cloud SIEMs: Use cloud-based SIEMs for easier scaling and management, while keeping an eye on costs related to data use
  • Understanding pricing models: Get to know how data-based pricing works with top vendors to make sure you only pay for the data you really need to analyse
  • Choosing quality over quantity: Learn to focus on the most important data for your security, rather than just collecting more information
  • Using threat modelling: Use threat modelling to identify which data is most important to protect your business and avoid wasting resources
  • Success stories: Read about how some companies have saved money and got better at spotting and responding to security issues by managing their SIEM data wisely.

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