London, UK – 02 May 2024 – Reliance Cyber, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is proud to announce that it has received the NCSC assured Cyber Incident Response (CIR) provider status and has also been certified as a CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) team. These awards officially recognise Reliance Cyber’s capability in supporting a broad spectrum of UK organisations – at the highest risk of cyberattacks – in effectively managing and recovering from cyber incidents. Organisations included within this mandate range from private sector businesses through to charities, local authorities and an array of public sector entities.

Attaining Level 2 status highlights Reliance Cyber’s commitment to maintaining robust cyber defences, crucial for organisations that are increasingly at risk of cyberattacks. By meeting the NCSC and CREST standards, Reliance Cyber demonstrates its adeptness in key areas such as incident management, detection and response, detailed forensic analysis and malware analysis. These skills are crucial for quickly containing mitigating and recovering from prevalent cyber threats such as ransomware.

The recognition is particularly significant given that the NCSC advises UK businesses to use only assured service providers when dealing with cyberattacks. Reliance Cyber is among fewer than 20 organisations to hold this status.

“Being recognised by NCSC and CREST not only highlights the strength and professionalism of our incident response team and its capabilities, but also underlines our dedication to improving the security posture of organisations across the UK,” said Chris Hayes, Head of Incident Response at Reliance Cyber. “Our team is on hand 24/7 and prepared to address and manage cyber threats with precision, ensuring minimal disruption to the operations of our clients.”

In 2023 alone, Reliance Cyber’s Security Operations Center (SOC) managed over 77,532 incidents, outlining the sheer breadth of threats that companies are often faced with. Metrics like these underscore the complex nature of cybersecurity threats and the importance of qualified response teams in mitigating potential damages.

“As an L2 CIR Assured Service Provider, we are now perfectly positioned to offer our services to a variety of mid-market organisations,” added Hayes “Our comprehensive approach ensures that these organisations benefit from the same level of expertise and responsiveness that protects larger enterprises.”

This recognition is part of Reliance Cyber’s ongoing commitment to providing superior incident response services that not only respond to emergencies but also enhance the overall resilience of organisations against future cyber threats.

About Reliance Cyber

Reliance Cyber specialises in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including proactive threat monitoring and rapid incident response. Our mission is to empower organisations to defend against cyber threats and maintain operational continuity in an increasingly digital world.

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