London, 30th May – Leading MSSP, Reliance Cyber, has announced it is now a Google Cloud Managed Security Service Provider. The partnership with Google Cloud Security (GCS) will help to make cybersecurity more effective and less complicated for businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

Why this matters

In today’s complex security environment, businesses face a multitude of challenges, including escalating cyberattacks, an overwhelming number of security alerts, rising cybersecurity costs, and a critical shortage of skilled professionals. The partnership with Google Cloud Security introduces a transformative solution, empowering organisations with enhanced security postures through insightful, data-driven analytics underpinning Reliance Cyber’s XDR service. This collaboration provides essential visibility and scalability while also reducing operational costs—benefits that are increasingly crucial as businesses navigate wide-ranging economic, social, and technological shifts. These include the persistent impacts of COVID-19, the shift to hybrid and remote work models, and rapid advancements in technologies like AI -that pressure budgets even as cybersecurity risks escalate. 

What’s changing:

  • Support for growth: The partnership will expand the reach of state-of-the-art security services to more businesses, helping to protect organisations without the stress of financial and operational barriers.

  • Advanced security tools: Leveraging Google Security Operations’ SOAR capabilities and powerful telemetry, Reliance Cyber’s service-focused approach will provide enhanced visibility across organisations’ digital environments, enabling smarter detection and more effective mitigation of security threats.

  • Enhanced visibility, lower costs: Leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced data analysis and Reliance Cyber’s tailored ingestion approach, organisations achieve comprehensive oversight of their digital landscapes at a reduced cost. This approach enables proactive prevention and detection of threats, ensuring more security with less expenditure.

Key benefits of the strategic partnership include:

  • AI and Automation: Automation is at the core of Reliance Cyber’s offering. Every alert is enriched with threat intelligence, automatically correlated, and grouped into cases, reducing mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to respond (MTTR). Google Cloud’s additions enhance this with lower data ingestion costs, superior threat intelligence, curated detections, and advanced anomaly detection using machine learning.

  • Simplified Security Operations: Integration of Google Security Operations’ SOAR capabilities simplifies the security management landscape, allowing CISOs to focus on strategic planning rather than daily operational hurdles.

  • Scalable Security for Business Growth: The partnership supports business expansion strategies by providing scalable security solutions that grow with the company, crucial for organizations driving technological advancement.

  • Data-Driven Insights for Better Decision-Making: Boards will gain unparalleled visibility into their digital environments, fostering smarter, faster decision-making to preemptively address potential security threats.

Rob Walton, Chief Revenue Officer at Reliance Cyber, on the transformative impact: We’re excited to collaborate with Google Cloud on this initiative. This partnership not only aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive, advanced security services but also makes top-level security accessible and manageable for every business, regardless of size. It’s about creating predictability and peace of mind in an area that can often cause businesses and their boards sleepless nights, especially due to concerns about attacks and the financial constraints that dictate risk appetites.”

Why It’s Important:

For businesses tackling today’s broad and complex challenges, this partnership represents a major advance in enhancing security without the typical hurdles of high costs, complexity, or the need for specialised staff. It’s about making world-class security simple and available to all.

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