Reliance Cyber are supporting a global sports brand and retailer as part of an ongoing multi-year contract across five continents 24x6x365. The scope of our contract includes the design, operation and maintenance of the customer’s global cloud network within the five AWS regions managed. As further regions are added, they are onboarded into the service.

Reliance Cyber deliver a managed service incorporating:

  • continuous health and availability monitoring of all serviced devices
  • configuration management and backups
  • pre-defined change management windows
  • vendor escalation as required
  • service requests
  • service ticketing
  • policy change management
  • remote access support
  • regular service reviews with defined reporting
  • email and telephone support

At the outset of the project, the customer’s networks were onboarded to our service. This element of the project included threat analysis, the building of bespoke use cases and workshops designed to contextualise the customer’s environments. With each new region onboarded, further threat analysis and environment discovery workshops are undertaken. This gives our analysts contextualised knowledge of particular threats and operations in each geographic region, allowing for detailed and tailored monitoring.

We are currently managing the worldwide migration of the customer to the AWS Control Tower which has involved building the required networking infrastructure in the new Control Tower environment. We are integrating the new and existing environments to allow the migration of applications and accounts.

To ensure a smooth and consistent migration across all five regions, we have developed a design template which will be applied as regions are migrated. With differing levels of maturity in each region, our approach brings each into alignment with the support required to achieve this. This provides a standard environment across the estate and provides the customer’s global IT team with a mature, scalable and responsive solution which can be easily monitored.

At all times, we work seamlessly with the customer, integrating with their teams to deliver a working solution which meets their requirements. The customer’s Account Manager remains involved in each stage of the process to give continuity and an overarching view of the estate. Frequent service reviews are undertaken to monitor the delivery of the service and any changes needed. Queries are raised and discussed throughout the service. This service is rolled out to each region during the onboarding process and provides a bespoke approach to a global service offering.