General Overview of the Customer 

This customer works within the highly regulated UK financial services sector.  

Our Service: 

Our engagement with this customer started in August 2020 with an urgent requirement to transition MSS, MDR and patching services within four days. This proved a challenge as the speed of the change wasn’t allowed for in such a heavily regulated and risk-averse environment. We worked closely with them to streamline their documentation and address the issues raised. This allowed us to safely onboard them into our security services, working with their internal controls and mitigating risks as the process continued.  

Having built confidence and assurance in our services, we subsequently on-boarded additional MSS, MDR and patching services when their 10-year contract finished with their incumbent supplier. This proved to be a challenge due to a lack of visibility and oversight on the incumbent supplier’s overall service and processes. All security services were transitioned to Reliance Cyber and we have rationalised services to improve the customer’s ROI and stopped those which were no longer valid. Our analysts investigated services where the customer could improve utility, and changes were made to make full use of these opportunities. 

The customer has now reduced their internal resource demands by outsourcing security. Their security posture is improved, with greater oversight of their environment. The Reliance Cyber team has allowed them to improve their internal service which was missing patches and other issues. These are now managed within our service.  

This customer now has full sight of their cyber security environment and the potential threats. We have worked in partnership with them to enhance their security posture and refine their operational procedures which has greatly improved their ROI and allowed them to make further improvements to their IT estate. 

A key part of Reliance Cyber’s service is enabling customers to talk directly to the analysts defending their environment.